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Why Should I Get A Facial?

Why Should I Get A Facial?

Why Should I Get A Facial? The skin is our largest organ and regular skin care is essential for consistently radiant and healthy looking skin. Facials complete your skin care program, with regular treatments propelling you towards skin radiance.

What is a facial?

A facial is a treatment for face and décolleté that leaves your skin cleaner, softer, and truly rejuvenated.

Facials help clear clogged pores, quench parched skin and remove dead skin cells, improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

What are some benefits of a facial?

  • Facials help to reduce the impact of sun exposure, smoking, premature aging, puffiness, skin congestion, and other environmental factors as well as incorrect/toxic products use.
  • Facials help reduce stress on the skin and body, one of the main factors in the premature aging process. Stress can even as a rosacea trigger, shorten the life span of your skin cells, aggravate acne and other skin inflammations.
  • During your facial, Full Moon Esthetics will outline a personalized, ideal skin care program so you can have a complete skin care routine – the key to consistently, radiant skin.

How often should I get a facial?

Regular facials, with supportive home care, are the key to consistent clear, smooth and radiant skin. Choose a pace that works for you by considering your skin’s needs, your intention, schedule, and budget. Full Moon Esthetics’ official recommendation is once a month or seasonally maintaining a minimum of four facials each year.

Full Moon Esthetics’ facials are luscious, transformative skin treatments.


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