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The Importance of Daily Skin Care

(Dry skin routine pictured above)

Why a daily routine is essential for healthy skin

Every day our skin is exposed to multiple stresses.

Environmental pollution, (dust, dirt), the elements (cold, wind, hot, dry), natural oils and bacteria from our hands, food particles, airborne virus, to name a few.

All this sits on your skin, you take it home with you, sleep with it, transfer it to your pillowcase, hats, scarves, etc, and they transfer it back to your skin.

Without an essential daily routine these environmental stressors clog your pores leading to premature aging, contributing to fine lines, acne, breakouts, dryness, excess oil production.

A basic 3 step skincare routine twice a day can change everything!

Morning & Night

Step 1: Start with a cleanser.

Cleansing breaks down the excess oil buildup, removes makeup, bacteria, leaving a fresh blank canvas to nurture. Use small circular motions to increase circulation and gently exfoliate the skin.

Step 2: Toning:

Yes, this is an essential step! A toner helps balance your oil/water production, it nourishes your skin, nurturing it with calming, healing, and hydrating ingredients. Toners prepare your skin for moisture by locking in your serum and cream, making them hydrate deeper, last longer, and use less!

Step 3: Moisturize:

This is your protective and hydration layer! It’s extremely important, especially in cold weather!

Serums sink deep into your skin nourishing and hydrating from within, while your creams or light fluids help seal in this nourishment, provide protection from the elements while leaving a light hydration layer and dewy glow.

Easy as that, and you’ll have healthy, happy, glowing, skin in no time!

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